Suggestion for a management rationalization, and efficiency "Outsourcing"

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Suggestion for a management rationalization, and efficiency ”Outsourcing”

In 2006, we were authorized to a worker dispatching business, and started the business. Now we are running "Taxi driver dispatch business" also "Taxi driver management contracting business". We accept vehicle operation management by a contracting or a dispatching, for example, a shuttle car, a delivery car and a health examination car at a hospital or a care home. Vehicle operation management, driver dispatching please leave it to our professional drivers.

[ Examples of Achievement ]

  • Health examination car at a major hospital
  • Ambulance at an emergency hospital
  • Shuttle car at a day-care service home
  • School bus at a special-needs school
  • Executive car for a public office or a company

[ Business Advantage ]

  • Releases from bothersome work management task
  • Employee benefit, job offer and human resource development… free from all these management costs.
  • Saves cost with a dispatched driver when it is needed.
  • Labor cost turns into a variable cost.
  • Resultly it leads to cost reduction.

[ Supervisor's Advantage ]

  • Corresponds to a sudden absence and vacancy.
  • Keeps under a minimum inconvenience to a customer.
  • Supports vehicle substitution as we have taxicabs, large/small size buses and care vehicles can carry a wheelchair.

[ Employees' Advantage ]

  • Traffic accident damage and compensation, it keeps away from these risks.
  • No need to pay for daily inspection and maintenance, MOT test and expendables management.
  • Resultly, it gives the time to concentrate on the primary business.