Get reward points with taxi fare「Kumapon」

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Get reward points with taxi fare「Kumapon」

Save rewards every taxi ride with Kumataku Point Service 「Kumapon」. It's a good deal service which can get a reward from soon after riding without any cost, signature and waste of money.

Here's why Kumapon can be a good deal


Gets 1 pt every 100 JPY taxi fare.


Discounts 1 point (=1 JPY) after 250 points earned.


Gets double points on Sunday and a holiday ride. (only for a cash payment)


Gets double points with multiple rides within 12 hours. (only for a cash payment)


Earns 10 points by answering the questionnaire on a smartphone.

  • Other point services or discount services cannot be used together with Kumapon service. (except for physically disabled discount and far distant discount)
  • Kumapon point will expire 2 years after the last ride.
  • In case of over 2 persons riding, points will be given to only 1 passenger.
  • Points at a charter use will be given only on pay direct to our company.
  • When a transmission or other device trouble has occurred, point payment might be delayed.
  • When using Kumapon points when a taxi fare payment, if it had over 250 points, all points up to the amount of the taxi fare would be used.
  • When a transmission or other device trouble has occurred, taxi fare payment with Kumapon points may not be possible.
  • Double points service on Sunday and Holiday is applied for a ride from AM4:00 to AM3:59 (next day).
  • Double points service on continuous rides is applied for rides within 12 hours.

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